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Youth Raglan Jacket

Youth Raglan Jacket

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Youth Sizes: XS-XL

A lightweight top layer, this water-repellent jacket takes on unpredictable weather with athletic color blocking, superb functionality and exceptional breath ability.

  • 100% polyester shell
  • 100% polyester jersey lining with mesh insets at gussets for added breath ability
  • Tag-free label
  • Articulated elbows for greater mobility
  • Half elastic, half self-fabric cuffs for comfort
  • Side pockets
  • Elastic back hem
  • Relaxed Fit 

 Caring for a 100% polyester shell raglan jacket is relatively simple and straightforward. Polyester is known for its durability and easy maintenance. Here are some care tips to keep your raglan jacket in excellent condition:


Machine wash the jacket in cold or lukewarm water. Using cold water is preferable to avoid any potential damage or shrinkage.
Wash the jacket separately or with similar colors to prevent color bleeding.
Use a gentle cycle to avoid excessive agitation, which can cause the fabric to pill or fray.

Air dry the polyester raglan jacket whenever possible. Hang it on a clothesline or a drying rack to preserve the fabric's integrity and shape.
If using a dryer, choose a low heat or delicate setting. High heat can damage the fabric and cause it to melt or warp.

Polyester is generally wrinkle-resistant and does not require ironing. If needed, use a low heat setting on your iron or follow the care label instructions.

Store your polyester raglan jacket in a cool, dry place to avoid exposure to moisture and potential mildew growth.
Avoid hanging it on wire hangers, as they can cause the fabric to stretch. Instead, use padded or plastic hangers.
Avoiding Harsh Chemicals:

Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as they can damage the polyester fibers and affect the fabric's performance.
Water Repellency (If Applicable):

Following these care tips will help your 100% polyester shell raglan jacket retain its quality and appearance, ensuring it stays in great condition for a long time.

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